Spears Art Studio High School Art Survey

Spears Art Studio High School Art Review

By April, an 11th grader

The Spears Art Studio High School Survey is an ideal choice for students who prefer art to be self-taught with a Biblical emphasis.

The format is straight-forward and carefully organized. Each lesson has ten distinct, bite-sized divisions, making the lesson much less overwhelming and easily digested. Each lesson’s sections include titles like:

Art History,
Visual Memory Exercises, and

The subject matter of each one can be grasped quickly and completed with a fair amount of work.

As I have mentioned before each lesson covers more than just art. The objectives, vocabulary, and scripture are preparatory to the meat of the lesson, while the art history, visual memory exercises and activities are the main learning avenues of the lesson.

Overall each lesson has a good balance of

learning about art and
creating art.

Everyone who wants to enjoy learning art with a Christian view should plainly decide on Spears Art Studio High School Art Survey.

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This is my daughter’s review of the Spears Art Studio High School Art Survey, written by Diane Shields Spears, Doctor of Christian Education. My daughter, April, is thoroughly enjoying the art lessons. She wants to do nothing else during the day. She says the lessons are easy for her to understand, and they take her step-by-step through the process.

I’ll say when I, as Mom, first looked at the curriculum on CD, I was overwhelmed. But I soon realized, as I began to look closer, that this curriculum leads you through the lessons gently, with plenty of explanations.

There is a 16 page introduction that discusses art supplies, your environment, your internal preparation, how to evaluate your artwork, and a 7-page article “Art is Good for My Brain?” by Diane S. Spears. There are 36 lessons, 75 art activities, and 36 sketchbook assignments.

Thy hands have made me and fashioned me:
give me understanding,
that I may learn thy commandments.
Psalm 119:73

I’m happy we have an art program that points to God’s creation and gives scripture with each lesson. So much in the world of “art” or “modern art” is ungodly.

The Great Master Artist is our Lord Jesus Christ and all things beautiful and lovely come from Him and are inspired by Him.

One of the mission statements of Spears Art Studio is to recognize the hand of God in everything and to give Him glory. Amen!

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